Wednesday, October 19, 2022

5 WORDS or Five WORDS, Oatmeal, Maple Syrup, Trail Butter

 Lionel Sanders using the Maple Syrup in one of his nutrition, training videos.

Maple Syrup for athletes has been around a long time.  Eric BugenHagen, aka

Rick Boogs has promoted it in his workout videos for a long time.

Eric Bugenhagen, NCAA Wrestler, Strong Man. Lionel Sanders Professional Triathlete, both on different spectrums of athletic endeavors.

For sure Maple Syrup is cheaper than sports gel and more eco friendly.

The combo of Oatmeal, Maple Syrup and Trail Butter.  That my athlete friends

is extremely healthy and a great snack. (credit, internet, log cabin pic, lionel sanders pic)

Saturday, April 2, 2022

RealGainz Riding Challenge April-2022


 April Real Gainz Riding Challenge,  Month of April.

Must Ride outdoors, minimum of 10 miles each ride.

Ride for the whole month of April, record mileage

Garmin or Strava.  Challenge invented by Kale Poland,

Wayne Kurtz.   I finished Day 2, on the Salsa Warroad.

47mm tires.  Might need to switch the tires, to get some

speed.  But, mostly this is forcing me to ride outside. Since,

I record majority of my miles on my WAHOO KICKR, with ZWIFT.

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Dan John Annual 500 swings a day, total 10,000

 Little did I know Dan John had his annual 500 swings a day challenge.

So, I will add this for the next 20 days.  It equals 10,000 swings in 20 days.

Dan John is a weightlifting and Strength coach Guru.  He has written alot

of plans and programming over the years.  The famous program was

first authored I believe on the Website/blog . T-NATION.

Sunday, January 2, 2022

300 Kettlebell Swings a day..

 300 Kettlebell Swings a day for 100 days.

Last year, I did 100 Kettlebell swings for 100 days.

Using various weight, of course it is more than 300 , because

I am following and using Mark Wildman's program of swings.

Wildman program, (which I purchased btw).. Always give credit or send

the inventor of the program or author a tribute or pay their program.

Don't steal intellectual property. I know this firsthand, ultra folks who

have stolen intellectual property or an idea.

I will be using various kettlebell weight, the GOAL at the end of the 100 days

100 unbroken swings, with a 53lb kettlebell, would love to do the 60.

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Fractional Kettlebell Plates.

 Rogue makes a add -on plate for Kettlebells and Dumbbells.  The range is .05lb to 1.5 lb.

This solves issue of the in between weights.  A discrepancy amongst kettlebell and dumbbells.

Even though you can get in between Dumbbells from certain companies.  Example,  They

make a 17.5lb hex dumbbell that fills the gap from 15-20lb.  Several companies also

make a 22.5 hex dumbbell.  I have included a few pictures of the fractional rubber

kettlebell, dumbbell plates.  These sell out extremely fast.

Monday, December 27, 2021

30 Days of the Devil Press

Doing this goal after the Kettlebell Swing goal. Look for it in  MAY...

This was a goal in 2019.. going to REHASH the GOAL for 2020, will begin on 12-30-2021, just to get
a head start on the Challenge, along with Scott McDermott Canadian Trainer out of CANADA.
Here we go...

2019 Post.
The burpee challenge. 30 Days of 50 burpees. Then an idea sparked why not 30 days of Devil Press's. The Devil press includes a burpee with the movement of the snatch.  I would utilize Dumbbells for the snatch movement.  Crossfit RX is 50lb dumbbells for males.  At this point I can't do 50lb dumbbells for snatch movement. So, therefore I am using 25lb dumbbells and will
work my way up.  The Milo theory.

Day One: 80 Devil Press and 20 Regular chest to ground burpees.  Crossfit way.
Total count 100.

(photo courtesy internet.)

Days 3-4 have included doing a combo of devil press with Rx Burpees all totaling 100 per day.
Did get up to using 30lb dummbells for a few sets of Devil presses.

Win in the Dark, Crossfit.

Win in the Dark is a book by  Joshua Medcalf.  It is a very fine motivational book, but one of the main principles is that you do the work.  You do the work alone, don't post it. Surprise your competitors.  Most recently on  Mark Bell podcast, (I have inserted the youtube).. Chris Hinshaw is being interviewed.  First lets address who is Chris Hinshaw.  Chris Hinshaw is an Endurance, Aerobic coach for alot of the Crossfit community.  He has been around a number of years.  He has coached the endurance aspect to crossfitters and crossfit communities.  But, this is the part you may not know.  He finished 2nd at HAWAII IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS back in the day as  Pro Triathlete.  Plus he had several high finishes and even Won Ironman Brazil as a pro.

    Mark Bell is interviewing Chris Hinshaw about Rich Froning.  There is a little clip in the interview where Chris mentions that Rich Froning was just working out on his own doing the workouts.  No social media, no posting, just working out.  WINNING in the DARK.  It was the year, Rich Froning won every event in the final of the 2014 Crossfit games.  He was doing an insane 1000 GHB's per week.  Holy Smoke.

If  your an athlete who wants to win the CROSSFIT games. Don't post your workouts on Social media.  BE the dark horse at the games or in the regionals.  Win in the Dark.  You want to be the champion work on your transitions between exercises.  Most top crossfitters are too slow in transitioning from one exercise to the other.