Friday, December 19, 2008

Consecutive Century Cycling (bicycling) research

Presently CorioVelo is doing research on an established or non-established record.

The NUMBER of Consecutive CYCLING Centuries ridden?

Perry Stone did 66 straight days of riding 100 miles a day.

Other RAAM riders and Randonees have done close to 30 straight days.

If you know of anyone or you have a straight streak going of consecutive days of riding 100 miles a day. contact . go to the contact page.
or coach

Scott Simmons 3rd Place Overall Texas Cup Racing

Scott Simmons , OVERALL 3rd Place in the TEXAS CUP RACING SERIES(Catergory 3) for 2008.

Scott had a successful season this year. Scott races for Moritz Chevrolet Cycling , but is guided by CorioVelo Coaching and Principles.

Good Job Scott.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

CorioVelo Athlete Conquers KONA HAWAII IRONMAN

Stacey W. a CorioVelo athlete conquered Ironman Hawaii World Championship on Saturday. Not only was this Stacey's first Ironman distance event .She took on one of the toughest Ironman courses. She did it with Flying colors. We can't wait to get a full report on this event. Congratulations Stacey, JOB WELL DONE. You trained hard and the training paid off.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Kuota Time Trial Bike, CorioVelo Athlete, Scott Simmons.

Unofficial Result, First Overall Male, 20 mile Time Trial

Event: Texas Time Trials, Cleburne, Tx,

Unofficial Time: 50:13:11

Scott was riding Kuota Time Trial Bike, Built by Fort Worth Cycling ( They build fast bikes, 817-244-7911 shop phone number.

Good Job Scott

Monday, September 22, 2008

CorioVelo Athletes Prevail at REDMAN

First let me compliment the Redman Iron distance triathlon. This is a superb event. Well organized , great volunteers. Great Course. CorioVelo athletes, Frank C. , Stacey W. and affliate coach Eric A. all partcipated in various events at Redman. Good Results with Good training. More detail reports to come later.

Monday, March 3, 2008

CorioVelo Athlete achieves Top Podium Win

Scott Simmons on Saturday won the CAT 3 PrimaVera 1 Race against a large competitive field. Using Strategy and Fitness this athlete has been working hard on fitness and cycling skills over the last three years. Congratulations Scott, well done.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Arundel Launches New cage.

09 January 2008
The famous Arundel cages have launched a new stainless steel cage. These puppies are sweet, I bought mine from Fort Worth Cycling (817-244-7911), see the pics. The stainless steel adds a touch when you just are carboned out.
For those doing the CorioVelo challenge keep tracking your miles, the final rules will be out soon. The OX.