Sunday, April 25, 2021

Day 55 of the KETTLEBELL SWINGS for 100 days

 Day 55 of the KETTLEBELL SWINGS.  Highest weight reached 53lbs.

100 minimum regular American style swings. Also complementing with the Mark Wildman side swings

go to his youtube, check out this form.  Be careful use light weight, its a great supplement for swimmers.

Even did KB swings before one of our open water triathlete swims.  Also supplementing with ROGUE ECHO BIKE.  Picture inset is Samantha Brigss, Crossfit Champion on the ROGUE ECHO BIKE.

Kettlebell with LAKE in the background.

Total Kettlebell Swing count is now past 5500..

Thursday, March 18, 2021

100 Kettlebell Swings in 100 days as we follow IRON COWBOY.

 1st of March, James Lawrence aka the Iron Cowboy starts his 100 x 140.6 Journey. So, he put

on his Website a Challenge 100.  Do one activity for 100 days.  Do each day, no days of rest.

Along with some other local athletes and one accountable coach, who will check our progress.

DAY 17-  Right now I sit at over 1700 Kettlebell swings.  Using various swings, the most common Crossfit or normal kettlebell swing.  Along with straight arm swings, the mark wildman side swing and other complex movements. Building up in weight poundage every week.  MILO effect, based off the GREEK tale of MILO.